Meditation To Manifest What You Want Instantly
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Meditation To Manifest What You Want Instantly

Before you manifest, do this.

This meditation is designed to help you create faster, so listen to it every day until you feel and think you have what you want. Find a comfortable seated posture and begin this meditation by setting the intention for one thing you want to manifest.

This meditation employs powerful strategies to hasten your manifestation, so be careful to concentrate solely on this one goal during the practice.

Close your eyes and relax your arms at your sides with your palms facing up when you’re ready. taking a deep breath in and out, quieting your mind and becoming fully present in the moment another deep breath in and out, quieting your thoughts, feeling the sensations in your body, feeling the texture of the surface beneath you, listening and aware of the sounds and noises around you

Savoring this moment of being awake, connected, and open to what’s next and in this moment of heightened awareness.

Imagine that the thing you want and are choosing to materialize is not only conceivable, but also inevitable; that it already exists, and that all you have to do now is decide to have it and take another long breath in and out.

This should be repeated several times while concentrating.

“I am open and ready to accept this in the simplest and greatest way imaginable; I have let go of how and when it will happen because I know it will”

Of course, I’m allowed to have this.

My achievement is unavoidable.

All of my desires are fully supported.

I relinquish control and let this be worked out for me.

It’s arrived, and it’s all mine.


Take a deep breath in and out and envision yourself seated in the middle of the cosmos, floating in a huge open space with stars all around you and magic within you. In this universe full of unlimited possibilities, you can create and call in anything you wish. When you do, it can happen right away.

It can happen right now, right now, and while you focus your intention and feelings on this desire, I want you to sense yourself picking up speed, speeding through space and time, passing past stars and planets.

As you get closer to this desire, you want to notice a beautiful golden circle of light surrounding it and as you feel yourself moving through it, feel a sense of excited anticipation and satisfaction that you are rapidly approaching this desire with such speed and precision. As you get closer to this desire, you want to notice a beautiful golden circle of light surrounding it, and as you feel yourself moving through it.

This goal has suddenly become yours, and you can experience the feeling of having exactly what you want right now. You can imagine it, or you can simply appreciate the present time.

Allow yourself to fully commit to this experience of your desire to be here right now, and take a deep breath in and out, allowing this experience to stay with you, knowing that this thing you intend to manifest is now a part of you, that you’ve already experienced it, and that it has no choice but to show up in your reality, and take a moment to really feel whatever feeling you’re experiencing.

You’d be provided for if you did this. Maybe it feels like a big relief, or maybe it feels like utter freedom, or maybe you just feel glad and fulfilled. Sit in this feeling for a few moments, not forcing or pushing yourself, just being and letting this high vibrating energy activate within you.

  • It’s here and it’s mine, it’s here and it’s mine,
  • I believe it and will receive it, I believe it and will receive it,
  • I believe it and will receive it, I believe it and will receive it,
  • I believe it and will receive it, I believe it and will receive it,
  • I believe it and will receive it, I believe it and will receive it,
  • I believe it and will receive it, I believe it and will receive it

Take a deep breath in and out, and when you’re ready, softly wriggling your fingers and toes] and perhaps stretching in a way that feels nice to you to return to this present.

Letting that deep faith and confidence that this desire will manifest no matter what, understanding that the when and how aren’t up to you and that you can simply live in the knowledge that it is yours and will manifest at any time

Return to this meditation on a daily basis for the best benefits, and if you love my guided meditations, please let me know. I’ll try to write more articles in the future so that I can continue to assist you.

Sum Up:

Use this meditation to quickly create your desires. This quantum manifesting meditation combines energy work, affirmations, and powerful visualization with binaural beats to help you get tremendous outcomes quickly. Listen to this fast 10-minute meditation every day for the best benefits.

10 Minutes of Powerful Meditation

In 10 Minutes, You Can Have ANYTHING You Want!

take a deep breath in and out, and then take another deep breath in and out.
Allow yourself to feel fully supported by taking a moment to discover and release any tension you’re carrying in your body wherever you’re sitting or lying.

Release all of your weight and surrender to this moment. Now clear your thoughts and concentrate on your breathing. Take a long breath in and exhale. Place your palm on the center of your chest, just below your heart, and envision a golden core beneath your hand.

Feel the warmth and light spreading outwards fill the warmth and light travel throughout your entire body extending up to the summit of your head and downwards through your legs as this golden magnet inside your chest emits beams of brilliant golden light and vibrations.

Allow this magnet to emit one powerful energy beam out of your chest, through your palm, and into the space around you. Feel the power of this energy fill the energy radiating from the magnet through your hand and into space.

Imagine this energy beam stretching out towards the object or experience you’re attempting to create. What does that object or experience look like, and how does it feel? Seal your energy connected to this object or experience.

Allow the gold to engulf the object or experience, and the energy to slow throughout you, allowing the magnetic beam radiating from your chest to begin pulling this object or experience in towards your physical body, feeling the powerful pull as the magnet draws this object or experience into your physical reality.

Allow yourself a few moments to relate this product or experience to your physical world how does it feel, how does your life look? Allow yourself to be completely immersed in the experience of having everything you desire right now

Thank the universe for always providing now that you have what you want in your physical reality repeat in your head or out loud the universe always provides feel the gratitude of knowing that you already have what you want and you don’t need to ask for it because it’s already a part of your physical reality.

You are a powerful creator, so release this magnetic beam and allow the golden energy to swirl around inside your body. Begin to gently move your toes up through your body, gently returning to the space around you. Rest assured that whatever you are trying to manifest is now on its way, and you don’t need to ask for it.

Simply trust that what you desire is on its way to you right now.


Sum Up:

This powerful 10-minute meditation exercise can assist you in magnetizing whatever it is you’re attempting to manifest! Believe in the universe’s divine timing and know that it ALWAYS provides.

Every morning, do this.

It’s time to stop underestimating the power of the morning. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy or despise mornings, if you’re a night owl who prefers to sleep in or if you get up before daybreak if you practice this exercise every morning.

You will notice a significant increase in your manifestation speed; you must try it for yourself to understand what I mean. I’ve been doing this with my one-on-one clients for three months and it’s been life-changing. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to get up at 5 a.m. or spend hours journaling or meditating unless that’s something you want to do.

This exercise, on the other hand, should only take around 5 minutes. Take 5 minutes out of your day to see tremendous results. I’m very thrilled to share this exercise with you so that you can experience the enchantment of it all in a short amount of time.

Mornings have a poor reputation, but the truth is that they are one of the most crucial times of day for creating and manifesting. How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day, and that tone will influence what you attract.

Use this time wisely since your subconscious mind is so much more accessible and receptive to suggestions in the morning when your brain is just beginning to wake up from sleep. As you know, your subconscious mind is crucial in your ability to materialize what you want.

I talk about it all the time because it’s so important. I’ve spent years studying the law of attraction and manifesting, so trust me when I say your subconscious mind has the power, but you have control over it. The way this exercise works is by tapping into your subconscious mind and using a feeling to energize your manifestation, and it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

So here’s what you’re going to do, and as a short side note, make sure you’re doing this in a safe environment. Don’t do this while driving or doing anything else that requires your immediate attention.

So the first thing you’ll do is pick one item you want to manifest. I know it’s tempting to pick a few things because you want more chances to materialize everything, but the best way to do this and the way I propose you do it is to pick one thing at a time.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do other things, but doing this keeps your energy focused and your attention and feelings focused, almost like a laser beam aimed squarely at one object for the sake of this exercise.

You want the precision of a laser beam, and you can do something different every day or remain with the same thing for a week or a month.

Do what seems right to you; there is no right or wrong. Once you’ve decided what you want to materialize, do what feels right to you.

Place your palms together in a prayer-like stance at your chest, gently applying pressure by pulling your palms towards each other and making sure your palms are up against your chest.

So you don’t want them all out here, but you do want them all contacting your palms and gently exerting pressure on them. This connection of your hands balances the male and feminine energy in your body.

By placing your hands against your heart center, you are linking it, and your hands will remain in this position for the duration of the cycle, which I will explain shortly.

So close your eyes and repeat the sentence “I am” or “I have,” followed by the thing you want to create.

So here are a few examples:

  • I have a blank card and a blank bank account.
  • I’m in a fantastic relationship.
  • My new home has me completely enamored.

With your palms together and your eyes closed, say any creative words you choose to fill in the blank with whatever you wish to create in the form of I am or I have.

You will repeat this process three times. Say it three times: I am or I have followed by the thing you want to materialize.

  • So I’m at a loss.
  • I’m speechless.
  • I’m speechless.
  • I’m working on a blank page.
  • I’m working on a blank page.
  • I’m working on a blank page.

Three times, and then, with your eyes closed and your palms still together, take three deep breaths, allowing the feeling of having that thing flow through you, whatever that feeling maybe, but do it in a way that feels good and natural, because you’re tapping into the energy of what feeling that thing would provide.

Take these three breaths while feeling the sensation, then repeat

  • It’s here it’s mine thank you three times.
  • Thank you, it’s here and it’s mine.
  • Thank you, it’s here and it’s mine.

Go at your own pace with this. Do it in a setting where you can connect with it and give it some emotion. It’s here, it’s mine, thank you. That should make you feel good, and you should be able to connect with it.

After saying it three times, take three deep breaths and allow the sensation of full relief and satisfaction to wash over you. Relief and contentment are two of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

So you’ll repeat this cycle three times and then go about your day not stressing over it, not worrying about it, not forcing or controlling it, but rather allowing and receiving, knowing and trusting, and genuinely feeling empowered that you have the ability to create whatever you want.

So, I realize that was a lot, so let me quickly summarise everything. It’s fairly simple if you think of it in threes; it’s three of each thing, and you repeat the procedure three times. To begin, you repeat I am or I have three times, followed by what you desire to manifest three times.


Then you repeat it’s here it’s mine thank you three times followed by three deep breaths feeling complete and total relief, and then you repeat it’s here it’s mine thank you three times followed by three deep breaths feeling complete and total relief, so I am or I have blank three times followed by three deep breaths feeling complete and total relief.

Feeling like you have that thing, then three repetitions of it’s here, it’s mine, thank you, followed by three deep breaths of complete and total relief that you have it. This cycle will give your manifestation a really powerful energetic charge, and you will be surprised at how quickly things start materializing and showing up for you.

This meditation is truly one-of-a-kind. You’re bringing your hands and energy into your chest through your third eye, heart, intuition, and power, and generating an energetic force field for attraction.

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