Make Your Law Of Attraction work Fast
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Make Your Law Of Attraction work Fast

This Makes Law Of Attraction Works Fast:

If there’s something that you want to change in your life, if there’s something that you want to create or manifest into your life, there is one thing that you can start doing right. This second, that will make it happen no matter what sounds like a big promise because it is it’s true. And it’s even backed by science.

I’m going to show you exactly what to do and how it all works. And I’m telling you right now that you will never forever look at manifesting or the law of attraction in the same way ever again. My whole article is all about manifesting the law of attraction, meditations, and more related to this.

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about the law of attraction and manifesting. And so many people comprehend it and teach it in so many different ways.


You hear about all these different techniques and steps. And there seems to be a lot of really conflicting information, but here is the first thing that you need to understand how
quickly and how well things manifest for you is actually based on you as an individual.

It’s not about how lucky you are about how pretty you are, about where you were born, or anything like that. Instead, it comes from how you are wired and it comes from your subconscious programming.

So if something doesn’t feel right or isn’t working, it’s most likely not your way in manifesting is not a one size fits all approach. It’s just not, I mean, look at the things that you can manifest really, really easily. And then also look at the things that you tend to struggle with.

And I want you to know, notice how other people can manifest those things that you struggle with much more quickly. And then those things that you can manifest quickly, other people struggle with it all comes down to you as an individual, how you are hardwired, and your subconscious programming.

And it all comes down to your biggest manifesting tool,
which is your brain. And this is the part of manifestation that most people miss and it’s the most important part. It confuses a lot of people because they think that manifesting.

And the law of attraction is some sort of mystical thing where you sit on your couch saying affirmations and holding a crystal, and then somehow a magic power is going to grant you something that’s not how it works. And that kind of thinking is what will continue to keep you stuck.

DestinyMiracleYour brain is your most powerful manifesting tool. And really you just need to know how to use it. And despite the fact that we are all wired so differently, we all have one thing in common, our ability to think so here is exactly how you flip the switch to actually start manifesting what you want.

It starts with your brain and your thoughts. And I’m sure you’ve heard it before. How important thoughts are. You’re probably sitting there thinking I’ve heard that a million times, but there’s a way of thinking your thoughts to manifest what
you want.

And it’s going to blow your mind. I remember years ago,
hearing thoughts become things and how important thoughts are.
And I wasted so much time worrying that every thought that I had was either going to make or break my manifestation. Like if I had too many bad thoughts, it was just going to ruin everything, but that’s not how it works.

There’s actually significant power in noticing those negative thoughts instead of fighting them and instead choosing to change them. And whether you feel like you do or not, you actually have the power to change these thoughts. You can decide to think something different.

There’s this misconception that you’re at the mercy of your, that really, you actually choose to think your thoughts, even when it may not feel that way.

Thinking your thoughts merely comes from your personal opinion, opinions based on your programming, it’s mind-blowing, right? Your thoughts are just based on your biased opinion, based on how you were raised, what you were taught, what you were told, and experiences you had, your thoughts are just your opinion.
Other people have different opinions.

Here is how you shift these thoughts.

Here is an exact sample of thoughts based on your programming to
different people who can look at the exact same situation with
completely different thoughts. They could both walk into the same store, see the same exact shirt.

We’ll both have different thoughts completely about the price of that shirt to one person. They would think it was such a great deal and they would grab it right away and to another person, they think it’s too expensive and they feel bad that they can’t have it.

Same shirt, different perspectives, different thoughts. And for each of these people, these thoughts are merely based on their programming around money and what they think they can afford and what they think they’re worthy of. They have it comes from what they were taught, what they were told experiences. They’ve had so many other factors, the list goes on and on and on and subconscious programming runs deep, which is why it is the core of how the law of attraction works.

Your subconscious mind is absolutely crucial in your ability to manifest. So in this particular situation, you have the option to look at that negative thought of it being too expensive or any other negative thought that may come up and you can choose to question
it. You can choose to change your mind about it.

The key is to observe why you think that where it came from and then choose to think something else. And the thing is you can’t fake this work.

Your brain is an extremely powerful tool.

So if you aren’t connecting these new thoughts to actually feeling it,
it’s not going to work because your brain is talking to accept it as a real thing happening, you have power in your thoughts. And what you think is literally creating the world around you.

Notice that if you think you’re broke, you keep noticing a lack of money and it continues to happen. And your reality notices that if you think you can’t have something, or if that’s something that is really hard, that will continue to be your experience until you decide that it’s not.

And especially notice that in moments where you’re really grateful thinking about how lucky you are, you continue to experience that pattern where more amazing things show up and more lucky opportunities kind of fall into your lap.

And this isn’t about battling yourself or fighting yourself. It’s about the conscious observation of your thoughts, not focused on fighting the negative, but really observing them and getting clear on them so that you can change your mind about what gets to be true for you.
And the truth is that there are no limits except the ones that you decided to believe.

Think of your thoughts, like a projector coming straight from your mind, and think of what you want to experience and anything that doesn’t suit or support you having what you want simply. That isn’t true. And you can think of a new thought at any time, this is powerful and continuous work, but this is the work that will change your life.

This is where the real magic happens. You can say affirmations and hold crystals and do all the external work as long as you want. But until you focus on the internal, you’re not going to experience the changes that you want to see. And as I had mentioned before, if this work resonates with you and you want to dive even deeper into subconscious programming,

Speed Up Your Manifesting:

this is a tool that I’ve been using for a few months now and it has drastically speed up and shifted my entire manifesting process when something is this good you know i have to share it with you so that’s what I’m going to do right now in this article .

when you start to use this it gets you immediately tuned in to a level and frequency of abundance that you have likely never felt before and the best part is that it’s quick it’s easy and it feels really nice too just a little added benefit.

How To Use This Tool?

The way that this tool works is by using autosuggestion to sort of prime your brain to accept a new reality it’s almost like you’re kind of revving the engine a bit in the speed and direction of where you want to be a little car for reference.

And I have to mention really quickly that this tool works especially well for manifesting money but it works for all other situations to this auto-suggestion tool that I’m going to share with you is deeply rooted in the energy and focus of abundance .

And I find there’s a bit of a misconception about abundance meaning just a lot of money but the reality is that the concept of abundance means having more than enough of anything abundance doesn’t just mean money .

You can have an abundance in all aspects of your life and this is what I want to show you how to tap into but simply put abundance means that there is more than enough to go around for everyone.

And there’s still more than enough of whatever you want available to you too it’s simply a choice and your perspective abundance is always available to you so remember that when things start to get hectic or when things start to feel a little bit heavy for you.

So here is the tool and how to use it this technique works on a monthly four-week basis but don’t worry it’s really quick and easy you’re not going to spend four weeks spending a lot of time on something so to start what you’re going to do is write down four things that you intend to manifest .

And I recommend picking one thing that feels really big to you and then three others that maybe feel like a bit of a stretch but not totally impossible you are building up your manifesting process and forming new neural pathways just like a muscle .


So it’s good to have kind of a mix-up of different levels of what you believe to be possible while also playing around and experimenting with how quickly things show up for you so the reason that you’re writing down four things is that there are four weeks in a month so you will spend one week on each thing don’t overcomplicate this now for each of these four things that you write.

You are going to scan through to find an abundance affirmation that supports you having it and here’s what i mean that affirmations only work when you feel something.

I use the example of affirmations sort of being like a slot machine and when all those things line up and you feel something then you hit the jackpot so what you’re going to do is play around with abundance affirmations supporting the thing that you want and don’t stop until you find something that really strikes a chord within you.

You’ll know it because you’ll feel it. it’s that wow moment where you really emotionally connect to it that’s the best way i can describe it I find that for me personally, i like to write it out I could write pages and pages and pages of affirmations.

And I like to keep going and going until i find one that i really really resonate with on a deep level because the deeper that you resonate with this affirmation the more emotion and connection that you feel to it the better that this process will work for you so i highly encourage you to keep scanning affirmations.

Keep writing them out keep thinking them keep saying them until one of them just really clicks and hits home for you and gets that jackpot moment .

Here’s an example of wording that you should be looking for it can be something like i always have more money than i know what to do with or I have more money than I could ever possibly spend or endless miracles are available to me at all times or even something along the lines of I am more loved and appreciated than i could have ever possibly imagined .

It’s affirmations that feel like the end of a Disney movie where you can’t imagine it could ever possibly get any better get into that Disney princess mental state I mean this is such a different way but I absolutely love Disney huge Disney fan so if you’re a Disney fan.

I hope that really resonates with you. you get it .you’ll understand the state that I’m talking about so now that you have your focus for the week and that abundance affirmation that supports you have it .

You are going to ground into this affirmation multiple times per day and if you’re a member of creating you’ll know what I’m talking about this because we focused a little bit on this a few months ago and if you have no idea what creates is I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

But grounding into an affirmation means not only saying it or writing it but it’s also feeling it and getting your full energy into it and letting it carry you through your day letting it carry you through your present moment and especially in those moments where things aren’t going well or where life is throwing you curveballs or things are going the exact opposite way than you planned.

This process of grounding into an affirmation will be massively transformational for you deciding to ground into an affirmation is truly a superpower.

It gets you into a place of taking back your power and deciding that your external reality is simply a reflection of what’s happening internally and that you can decide to change it by changing your mind and changing how you feel.

So grounding into an affirmation is committing to it despite what’s happening right now despite what your current circumstances are it’s deciding that you are going to choose to feel and believe this affirmation no matter what and really it’s only a week you can commit to anything for seven days.

Here’s the even more important part you don’t need to go crazy saying this affirmation 50 times per day or anything like that there are no rules about how often or when or how many times or if you’re like doing it right or wrong it’s a feeling and you’ll know it because you’ll be connecting to it.

And while there are no rules to it say it or write it or think it or meditate on it when you first wake up because that’s an extremely powerful time to set the tone for your day and then come back to it throughout the day as often as needed and always try to end your day with this affirmation too because it will sink deeper into your subconscious mind while you sleep sort of reinforcing that commitment without that much effort and honestly the best reminder to come back to this affirmation is when something isn’t feeling good when something isn’t going right.

That’s a signal that it’s time to change your perspective and your feelings it’s time to ground into an affirmation, this is a powerful practice in auto suggesting a new belief to your brain, and when you get your feelings behind it creates some serious change like I said it’s revving the engine of your subconscious mind to aim towards where you want to be and quickly.

So quickly you’re going to pick four things that you intend to manifest and divide them by weeks one week for each thing and then scan and choose an abundance affirmation is something that really really resonates with you and causes a really strong big emotional response.

And then ground into it and come back to it as often as you need especially in the morning and especially before you fall asleep and especially when things just aren’t feeling good or they aren’t going well.

Makes Manifestation Works EveryTime:

Did you know that there are very specific principles that make the law of attraction work and all you need to do to manifest and create the things you want is activate each of these principles it is that simple because honestly, manifestation is
really simple when you understand how it works .

I know it can feel overwhelming with all of the information out there all of the different techniques and books and videos it can almost feel like you need to spend hours and hours and hours and hours of work doing every last little thing in order for your manifestation to happen.

It can also at times seem really conflicting and contradictory so let me save you a lot of time and effort and clear all of the confusion and show you exactly what to do to get the results you want in this article.

I want to share one of these principles that will truly shift and change the way that you manifest so that you can start seeing real results quickly.

How to activate it to get results?

Let’s get into this principle in my many years of studying the law of attraction and subconscious programming and the mind what I’ve uncovered is that there are actually six principles that when used in a specific order activate your manifestation and allow it to show up.

This is pretty exciting and groundbreaking and no one else is talking about it and this is the exact step-by-step process i teach inside of the manifesting activation system.

The principle i want to talk about in this article specifically is one of the absolute most important ones and i truly believe that this is what makes or breaks manifestation.

This is the principle that most people think they are doing but they most likely aren’t fully committing to it and this is the one that most people struggle with but once you master this principle specifically your ability to manifest what you want will be transformed in the best possible way so.

Here’s the principle and how to activate it this principle is what I call activating the faith and it’s the fifth process that i teach inside of the manifesting activation system activating the faith requires 100 commitments .

Let me tell you this will not feel comfortable this will not feel normal at first I repeat this will not feel comfortable because it’s asking you to do something that steps out of your normal brain function pattern and thinking you are going to have to fully believe in something before you see it even if it feels.

A million light-years and lifetimes away and you might be sitting there thinking well I already have faith that something will work out or something will happen I’ve done this before .

But listen do you know without a doubt in your mind that this will for sure happen no matter what not just like I hope so, I pray so ,I wish etc.

Are you sure no matter what and if every evidence in your current reality pointed to it not happening would you still believe or if this deadline that you set came and went and it didn’t happen yet would you still believe?

If you’re experiencing setback after setback not getting the news you wanted or the circumstances that you wanted would that faith still be there ?

Think of it almost like being a building and an earthquake no matter how much you are shaken and rattled no matter how many things don’t seem to be working or going your way or however long it’s taking you are sturdy and you are there and that faith holds up.

It’s your foundation you want to almost be able to just laugh it off that it isn’t here yet because it’s only a matter of time that is what’s required for activating the faith and it does require some practice and commitment on a level that you likely haven’t experienced before.

Most people or you can say everyone at some point in their life have let their external reality all of the situations people and circumstances in their life dictate what they believe think or feel but here’s the thing .

All of the things happening in your external reality are a result of what’s happening within you what’s happening inside of you this is what they mean when they say that you are responsible for your life think of it almost like a mirror whatever is happening internally whatever you are feeling and thinking whatever you believe and expect is then mirrored into your external reality.

So knowing this knowing that what you think and believe and feel on the inside will change and shape your external reality do you see how much power you hold to shift the narrative in your favor every single time.

Do you see how you can look at certain situations in your life that you don’t like and simply decide to shift how you see them but doing this requires faith it requires a level of belief in yourself and belief in the power that you hold it requires knowing that you are here on this planet to do big things and experience life to the absolute fullest?

Here is how to incorporate the faith activation into your manifesting so you can begin to see results quickly .to activate the faith requires commitment and constant attention but not in the way of thinking about something or obsessing about it over and over and over again that’s not what you want to do.

It’s in a very much different way activating the faith requires you to focus on moments where doubt creeps in because it will creep in and once it does it’s shifting back into being certain shifting back to knowing for sure and shifting back into believing no matter what is happening right.

Now that what you want is inevitable it’s something you have to repeat over and over and over again until it forms the new neural pathway in your brain where it’s automatic because when you fully commit to believing it even before you see it.

It will start to create an an avalanche of all the small details that you can’t possibly imagine or control to start falling into a place for you what’s happening within you will be reflected outside of you ,just remember that mirror.

This is what i mean when i talk about letting things be worked out for you because your job is to commit and hold the faith and let all of the details happen because they aren’t up to you.

To activate the faith but actually do it actually believe it actually commits to it and watch everything start to fall into place for you watch your manifesting be taken to a whole new level .

As I mentioned before this is the fifth principle inside of the manifesting activation system and you like having an exact proven process to follow showing you exactly what to do and when to do it then you will absolutely love this manifesting activation system.

I show you how to activate the six principles that make
manifestation and the law of attraction actually work this system lays out the steps in a specific order and all you do is plug in what you want to manifest and just follow it.

Like I said this is unlike any other manifesting program because it uses a combination of quantum physics energy works subconscious programming and mindset work designed to clear resistance to shift your energy and create new beliefs and expectations about what you get to have and once you join you have lifetime access to use for each and everything that you decide to manifest.

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