How You Can Make Your Desires Into Reality
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How You Can Make Your Desires Into Reality


We all know how to manipulate the fabric of the cosmos to make our desires come true. Once you comprehend that you are the maker of your world). You will begin to consider what you desire in life, such as a luxurious home, a large car, and a lavish lifestyle.

This is known as cosmic awakening, and it involves bringing a thought form into actuality. Tulpa is the Buddhist term for it. This is best described as a physical, conscious thing that is generated by focusing and concentrating mental and spiritual energy over time.


(Tulpas were made by tens of thousands of people all across the world.) Tulpa is a thought-form that is performed physically with our consciousness, not just in our mind. The best thing is that your Tulpa responds to your commands!

Tulpas have a long history, and creatures of thought will show you how to create one, as well as how to keep it true to you for as long as you wish.

Experts dug deep into millennia of buried information to uncover how the human mind exists in a cosmos of energy and vibrations. Our Auras reveal the universe’s creative impulses, and it is this universal energy that may fuel our most creative manifestations.

whether you are interested in constructing your thought form, or just want to live a happier, more meaningful life, the choice is yours

How To Train Your Mind To Visualize Your Goals:

When you imagine yourself doing something, your brain reacts as if you are doing it. If you envision throwing a free throw, for example, the chemicals released in your brain and the electrical impulses sent to your muscles are identical to those sent if you were throwing it.

Your brain is incapable of distinguishing between what is real and what is imagined. This is why visualizing can help you achieve your goals. You are preparing your mind and body for the real event by visualizing yourself doing it.



So, the more you visualize your desire by activating all of your senses with full emotion, the more your mind will actively record it, and the faster you will achieve your desire in reality. Continue to do so.

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres:

  • Right Hemisphere
  • Left Hemisphere

In our bodies, these two hemispheres play different roles.

The right hemisphere is in charge of our imagination and visualization. What we do as physical activity, such as talking, walking, or taking the left hemisphere, will, on the other hand, be done at work.

Finally, when you envision something, your brain perceives or accepts it in the same manner that it would if it were happening in reality or the real world. Your brain will now stimulate the parts that make you joyful, allowing you to attain that excellent thing more often and feel happier and more positive about yourself.

Following that, your brain will mostly think in terms of visuals or pictures. It’s the same as when you tell a story in a thousand words; you may not be able to perceive or comprehend everything, but instead, It develops a mental image or images of the words and keeps the brain engaged until the activity is completed or until the very end.

Remember that your brain is incapable of realizing anything, whether you are imagining it or experiencing it in real-time or in reality. This is why your visualization has such a powerful effect on you.

To properly train your brain to visualize what you want, do the following:

Many people nowadays struggle to train their brains or subconscious minds. They try a variety of approaches but finally fail. You must follow specific procedures if you want to increase the strength of your brain or subconscious mind.

The art of visualization is a practice that can assist you in training your subconscious mind. (Scientists suggest that planting a notion in the brain and allowing it to flourish will improve performance.)

What is the mechanism behind this visualization?

When you picture an action, the same brain area that activates when you perform physically is stimulated. [When you picture lifting your right hand, for example, the brain region that is excited is the same as when you physically lift your hand.] As a result, visualizing an activity triggers the brain to act.

The science of it all How visualization works are as follows:

Before we can grasp the working process of visualization, we must first understand our brain and its structure. This will provide us with mind-blowing information on how and why visualization works, as well as why it is one of the most effective ways for humans to improve themselves.

Our brain is widely regarded as the most significant and complex organ in our bodies. Every study of the human brain’s functioning reveals something new and fascinating about how it functions. [ Neurons are the cells that make up our brain. These neurons normally communicate with one another and assist us in doing a task.

When we begin to learn anything new, our brain’s neurons form and make a new connection that is mapped in the brain. When we apply this talent, the same circuits that were built in our neurons are activated, assisting us in doing the task.

The neutral circuit becomes stronger as we do more, making it easier to recall. If we can’t recall a skill or piece of knowledge, we haven’t learned it well.

As a result, visualization aids this strategy. When you visualize something or an idea repeatedly, your brain will begin to respond to it as if it were happening in real life.

This is because your brain’s thalamus, which is the brain’s primary sensory processor, does not discern or differentiate between reality and the concepts you sense.
If you imagine an idea or plan over and over or many times, it becomes real to your brain, and your brain reacts accordingly.

This item creates an idea in your mind that is more achievable, and you are now more driven to strive toward making it a reality in the real world.

There’s another reason why your brain recognizes your thought quickly when you repeat it – which you envision.

Yes, you are accurate. When you visualize or imagine something in your mind, you are assisting your brain in two ways. To begin, it’s vital to understand that your brain cannot tell whether you’re doing the task that the image conjures up in your mind or merely envisioning it; instead, your brain simply builds a connection called a neural connection to do or perform that activity.


Second, when you envision any ideas or something, you usually do it in the form of an image or a picture, which is excellent because your brain interprets things best when it sees visuals.

Visualization is a tool that generates neural pathways and connections in your brain, which serve as the foundation, or blueprint, for your actual actions in the real world.

To make your visualization more strong, use the following meditation technique:

Clarify a specific goal or picture you want to manifest into your reality before you begin your manifestation meditation. Do this visualization regularly and you will increase the strength of the manifestation process.

  • When you’re ready, take a seat in a position that feels good to you.
  • Inhale deeply, fill your lungs and feel the air, and then exhale.
  • Feel your feet or back in contact with the surface under you; you should feel supported and safe
  •  Take another deep breath in and tighten your entire body as firmly as you can for five four three two one, then relax and breathe deeply.
  • Again, breathe deeply in and tension your entire body for five four three two one, and then rise.
  • As you recline or sit where you are allowed, take a minute to feel your Center and experience a sensation of quiet within you.
  • your vision of how you want to achieve your goal.
  • Your mind sees your goal in full color, high-definition, a crystal clear moving image of exactly what you want.
  • Now, within this moving image, step into your body and be fully present as if it were your current reality.
  • As if your goal has already manifested into your life, see it happening all around you and within you.
  • Look about you with your new eyes, and take in your new surroundings. Experience everything from how your body feels to the emotions that go through your heart to all of the physical changes that are taking place.
  • Feel how this new reality feels to you and how amazing it is that this is happening.
  • How are you doing today? How are things going for you? What are your thoughts? How does your environment appear to you?
  • Take some time right now to consider how important this goal is to you and how much joy it offers you.
  • Allow these happy feelings to spread throughout your entire body, filling every inch of your being with an abundance of glowing sensations with each wave of happiness.
  • You are reaffirming your contract with the universe that your goal will be accomplished as this new vibration is established within you.
  • Feel the serene satisfaction of knowing that your new chosen reality is now in escrow and will arrive at the divinely appointed time.
  • As this meditation comes to an end, you can finally let go and trust that you are plentiful, powerful, and miraculous.
  • When you are fully present in your body and open your eyes, take a moment to express gratitude for achieving this new goal in your life.

Sum Up:

You now have a better understanding of the power of imagination in manifesting anything in our lives. I also revealed a key strategy for improving your vision abilities so you can achieve your goals. Simply try this miracle technique with complete faith in the universe and watch how your life changes. I am confident that you will not be sorry and that you will adapt to this for the rest of your life.

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