Daily Meditation AffirmationTo Manifest Everything
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Daily Meditation AffirmationTo Manifest Everything

Miracle Meditation To Manifest fast:

This is a simple meditation that you can do within two minutes after watching this video and you’re going to get incredibly fast lightning, fast results with your manifestation. It’s simple, it’s easy. And it works.

I believe you deserve the money you desire, the love you crave, and the health and happiness that you depend upon and are worthy of. this is a simple two-minute meditation, but if you do it, you’re going to be absolutely shocked at how, how fast the manifestation comes flowing into your life.

And I want you to share your results right down in the comment section because I want everybody else to see how effective this simple meditation is.


To begin, first by visualizing yourself in a pitch-black room. So you want to make yourself comfortable. You sit down, turn off all the lights, turn off your phone and visualize yourself in a pitch-black room.

If it’s not pitch black, just close your eyes and visualize charcoal or endless night, or like you’re being surrounded by four walls of black chalkboard, perfectly pitch black.

So sit there for about two minutes and just relax, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. And I, I recommend the fourfold breath, you know, in for four seconds, hold it for four seconds out for four seconds. And for four seconds.

Now, the reality is that light does not exist until you turn the invisible into the visible until you take this invisible proton, which contains brightness and color, and you recognize it to the power of your brain.

Everything is infinite darkness without your mind, everything, there is no light. You see it’s only your mind or your brain, It’s actually, your brain, and the combination of your mind that interprets the vibration and turns it into the light.

Your brain processes, photons, which carry light. There is no understanding how the common chemicals which make up the brain such as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen.

How do these common chemicals come together in such a unique way that they are able to interpret and give life to these photons, which carry the packets of light?

In other words, without these chemicals in your brain, there would be no light. But the truth of the matter is there must be more than simply these chemicals in your brain.

These cells create light. We believe it is the mind. And to this day, no one has interpreted where the mind is at. Is your mind a billion trillion miles away?

Is it in a different dimension or is it in between your ears? Nobody knows it is your mind that produces a dimensional reality. But if your mind can produce a dimensional reality, it can also produce whatever you desire.

It’s called the law of vibration or the law of attraction. And it’s an absolute law. It’s an absolute truth. So now close your eyes again and visualize yourself in this world of pitch darkness, and sit there for a few moments. And it’s blackness.

It’s like space without all the stars or the moon’s complete blackness. But now you’re going to create using the power of your mind. What are you going to create? Well, that’s up to you. So in this perfectly black room, this space is infinite space. It’s not even a room.
It’s a space to start picturing what you desire.

I like to call it the wish fulfilled but you can see abundance. What does abundance look like to you? Make it clear vivid and bright. What does love look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What does it smell?

Give it dimension. Because remember it’s the brain that gives dimension to all of reality. What does prosperity look like? What does it feel like? How about that new home that you desire?

What does it look like? What does it feel like? Or that dream vacation that you so badly desire where you just sit out on the beach for two or three weeks and soak in the rays.

See it clearly in your mind created in this pitch, blackness. Maybe it’s a new car, perhaps it’s your soulmate, perhaps it’s your twin flame. Now, now that you’ve created something out of this perfect blackness, this perfect darkness.

Now open up your eyes. You are going to be shocked. You’re going to be amazed.I mean that you will be totally amazed because even though the world looks exactly the same, something will feel different.

Something will start to look different. And as the day goes on, it’s going to look more different and more different because it’s going to look more like your new creation, like what you’ve manifested.


You’re going to be surprised. You’re going to be shocked. You have created a new reality. Say it type it in below right now below here, I am creating a new reality, simple formula.

This is a very simple formula. Use it. And you will be absolutely astounded at how easy it is to manifest your dream goals and desires.

Most Powerful Affirmation:

You’ve tried numerous affirmations and you’ve set them all day long you’ve set them as you are falling asleep and you just haven’t gotten the results from the affirmation.

There’s a reason for this and I’m going to share it with you and I’m going to share with you the most powerful affirmation you can do to increase your manifestation for money love happiness whatever you desire

I’m excited about this technique I’ve used it I forgot about it then I started using it again on my own personal journey and now I want to share it with you it’s a powerful technique.

A powerful affirmation you’re going to love it and you’re going to use it daily I’m certain of it so if you haven’t claimed your harvest what is a harvest.

A harvest is an abundance you know you plant your seeds in the spring and throughout the year that garden grows and then all of a sudden a huge harvest you are going to receive your harvest.

You can receive the money you desire the love you crave and the health and the happiness you deserve and depend on right now you don’t have to wait any longer it’s already present.

now I absolutely know what it’s like to be struggling I understand that I’ve been in the trenches I’ve seen the face of the enemy and the enemy is usually right here I’ve been through the struggle I’ve been through it emotionally I’ve been through it financially I’ve been through it physically and health-wise.

I have dealt with struggles and some of you are going through some challenges right now in your life. your relationship is coming undone your business isn’t growing your career isn’t blossoming as much as you would like it to.

I believe that there’s an affirmation that will help you and if you’ll do this affirmation like a mantra, it will transform you. I have to say that in the 90s and in the early 2000s I went through some pretty tough times and a variation of this mantra using the same technique.
I’m going to show you I believe it saved my life.

I believe this will do more than save your life it will bring you the abundance you deserve and desire are you ready to claim your abundance your prosperity the love that you deserve that you’re worthy of you need to be ready to claim it and make it yours because it’s already present and you can have it.


This is easy and you’re gonna absolutely love it the problem is sometimes people are either depressed or sad, they’re feeling a lot of sadness and that’s because they’re focused
on the past, they’re looking at the past and that’s where their focus is. Look at all the money I lost, look at all the money that was taken from me, look at my relationship after 22 years. My wife just ran out on me after 13 years. My husband walked out on me who had an affair with another woman. Look at what happened and that’s where their focus is and that makes them sad and lowly and depressed.

Some folks, on the other hand, are concerned about the future and how they will pay their obligations. What will happen if I lose my job and how will I get to work? He’s acting as if he wants to split up with me, and they’re worried about what will happen if he leaves me or meets someone else, so they’re worried about the future, which produces anxiety.

What if you focused solely on the current moment and your breath right now? In other words, whenever your mind wanders left past or right future, you focus solely on the present moment and utter this beautiful affirmation.

As I previously stated, the problem is that individuals fight against their affirmation or don’t believe it, so they stop saying it, and they usually stop just as the affirmation is about to kick in and work.

So I’ve come up with a technique and I can’t say that I came up with it recently I came up with this as I said in the early 90s and I used it on myself because I found my own consciousness arguing against the affirmation.

So the affirmation that I’m going to give you is a technique that’s going to help you and it’s a game-changer, it’s literally going to change everything about your affirmation. Here it is:

Now i’m going to tell you how I want you to say the affirmation
“benedicum multum successo facilius vitam a Maurice”
Now I just said that affirmation in Latin, I chose Latin because it’s a dead language when I say that affirmation, when I memorize it, I usually, write it down on a three-by-five card when I say that affirmation.

My conscious mind can’t argue with it. It goes through my subconscious mind and connects with the universe and the universe reflects it back to me so what I’ve done is I’ve translated this affirmation I magnify abundance success and love in my life easier.

I’ve translated it for you into Latin now. I like Latin because it’s a dead language it’s not used a lot but if you don’t want to use Latin, find another language that you like and translate it using google translate.

So take the affirmation that you wish to say and translate it into google translate and you can hear them say the affirmation so you can actually hear how the words are pronounced and you have an affirmation now that isn’t being blocked by your ego or your conscious mind.

This is quite effective. You can do this with this one affirmation by starting with this one, the one I gave you today, and gradually adding another one, another one, and another one.

you’re going to be shocked, amazed, flabbergasted at how fast manifestation comes into your life. I love this technique – you try it.

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