369 Manifestation Technique To Achieve Everything In Life
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369 Manifestation Technique To Achieve Everything In Life

369 Manifestation Technique

Today, we’ll be discussing the 369 manifestation technique, also known as Nikola Tesla’s secret code 369 manifestation technique. This is an extremely effective approach that has been employed by world-famous people to achieve success.

The term comes to you, in the same way, no matter how you look at it. There is an old Vedic idea known as yatha Drishti, which states that the way you see the universe will become that way. It’s as if you’re commanding that you become like this for me.

If you require something from this world, you will be able to have it quickly if you believe that you are deserving of it. It’s the same thing that we keep hearing—ask and it’s delivered.

What we desire can be realized if we know the proper technique and have complete faith in it. I’m going to show you a similar strategy that will help you finish your wish 369 technique today.

Cause and effect in the real world:

We live in a world where cause and effect are extremely important.
How content are you? What is your current state of health? What is your financial situation? What kind of friends do you have? Where do you do your job? Where do you go on vacation? What kind of folks dwell in your neighborhood?

This is all about the effect. These impacts are plainly visible. However, we cannot clearly understand the cause, and some of us take the wrong road.
In life, we all have some objectives.

Many of you are probably looking for work. Some of you might be interested in taking your life to the next level. Some of you may choose to resolve some issues. We shall embrace this strategy today in order to achieve all of these nice and wonderful goals with a positive mindset.

What is the 369 Manifestation Technique and how does it work?

This technique is one of the laws of attraction’s strategies for making your dream come true through positive repetition. You can attract everything you want in your life.

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist, devised the 369 technique in the nineteenth century. Tesla is well-known for inventing the radio, air conditioning, and remote control, but this approach is less well-known for obvious reasons.

We as humans only believe in things that we can see. For those who do not believe in this thing that we can only think about and believe in, there is just one line: if you can’t see electricity, why are you concerned about paying your power bill?

It is difficult to comprehend everything and the universe’s mystery. But the most important thing is to figure out how to leverage these cosmic secrets to acquire all we want in life.


Only by having complete trust will we be able to see beyond a boundary. After breaking every barrier, we may attain any goal we set for ourselves by taking a leap of faith. Only in this way will we be able to make great changes in our lives.

Tesla describes the process. When we study circles, we know that the circle has 360 degrees, but when we divide it, we only get 3,6,9. When one-quarter of a circle is removed, a 90-degree angle is created.

The quarter is now a multiple of 3, 6, and 9. The remaining three quarters are 270 degrees, a multiple of 3, 6, and 9. With these examples, we can plainly see what Tesla is trying to teach us. In his subsequent creations, it became evident that the numbers 3-6-9 are critical for human survival.

After decoding this pattern, Tesla stated that if you comprehend the power of s-6-9, you would be able to open the universe’s hidden door and your life will quickly change. You will have whatever you desire in life.

The secret door of the universe:

We got shivers when we realized what the secret door of the universe was, and we sincerely wish to form our hearts with the secrets that can be obtained through the 369 technique. You must be quite excited to learn about those.

Before you grasp this strategy, we’d want to give you a little overview of affirmation, which will assist you in making your dreams come true. Some of you may be familiar with affirmations, but if you aren’t, we want you to be aware of them.

What is an Affirmation?

These are merely affirmations that we make to ourselves as if we have already accomplished something. For instance, if you have a lot of stress in your life and you want to be joyful, you might tell yourself “I’m in a great mood and feeling great. Thank you very much.” It appears to be quite basic, but its positive vibrations work like magic around us, attracting things that make us happy.

You should realize that this cosmos is made up entirely of our own thinking. So keep in mind that what we think attracts the same notion from the cosmos. It makes no difference whether the thinking is favorable or negative. Affirmations are really vital in this project.

This will serve as a reminder to the universe and your subconscious mind that you must remain focused on your objectives and desires. When we encounter an issue, this affirmation employs auto-correct functionality to find remedies. In this essay, I shall learn more about it.

What is the mechanism behind the 369 manifestations?

In this technique, the numbers 3-6-9 are very important in numerology; the number 3 is related to the direct source of the universe, where it is believed that this is the origin of all human wishes; if you understand the power of 3, you will be at the root of the universe, and all of your wishes will be fulfilled; number 3 is blessed in the Hindu religion; you must have heard of the trinity of gods [Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh 3 eyes of God Shiva which symbolize. Three rivers converge here: the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Saraswati.

With these words, we also understand the significance of the number 3 number 6 signifies our internal power by awakening this, you can flow the energy that will become a medium to meet your wishes with this energy, you will be able to fight every upcoming hurdle and will be able to move them out of your way to achieve your goal with this energy, you will be able to fight every upcoming hurdle and will be able to move them out of your way to achieve your goal

If we read the Old Testament Book of Genesis, we will see that God built the cosmos in 6 days the number 6 is associated with the planet Venus, which is a symbol of love in astrology.


The majority of the items in our environment are formed of carbon. Because the carbon atomic number is 6, we are affected by our history and are unable to accept new things with confidence. The number 9 assists us in disconnecting from our past and reducing self-doubt and pessimism, allowing us to accept new opportunities with an open arm.

We learn about God’s soul in the Bible through the 9 fruits of God: Faithfulness, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Long-Suffering, Love, Peace, and Self-Control.

As you can see, all of these numbers are very special, and by using them in a systematic and synchronized way, we can easily open the secret door of the universe [and take out our favorite things, just like we open our fridge and take out water or fruits] with full confidence, tell the universe your wish with this faith, and you will get and deserve whatever you need.

what is to be done with this technique?

If you grasp the power of 3-6-9, you are ready to open all the doors you’ve always wanted to open in your life. This can be any door to success, happiness, a healthy life, financial independence, a great relationship, new professional chances, or anything else.

Let’s discover how to apply the 369 approaches in our daily lives:
Step 1: A clear wish is already half-fulfilled; if we start walking down any of the roads, we can end up in an unknown location; however, we all want to go somewhere specific; for example, someone wants to become a famous musician, while another wants to become a famous doctor or engineer, and so on.

Only by knowing exactly what you want will you be able to move in the proper direction and reach new heights. For example, if you want to be happy, you must first decide that happiness is your objective.

step 2: Confirm that your want has been granted and that you are grateful until you believe in your wishes, the wish will always be in doubt [and you will never be able to attract that wish into your life].

Because you are not mentally prepared to make that wish a reality.

It’s as if I want to give you something, but you aren’t interested or believe you aren’t worthy enough. In either case, you won’t be able to keep it, and even if I try to persuade you otherwise, you’ll feel it’s pointless and give it to someone else. I’m sure you realize that bringing wishes into our lives necessitates a high level of mental preparedness.

You’ve probably noticed that when people are stressed, they laugh a lot, even at small jokes. You might think this is strange at the time, but in reality, the person who is stressed [needs an excuse to smile this is his/her wish to be happy & keep smiling when you decide to be happy, you start attracting things in life that make you happy]

The universe responds to your vibrations by sending you everything you need to stay happy, just as if you were shopping for happiness and asking for all kinds of happiness. If you are grateful for your wishes, those wishes will come to you twice as fast. This is known as the Gratitude Principle, which acts as the universe’s secret ingredient.

This can be thought of as a chemistry class catalyst that accelerates the reaction. maintain your desires in the position that makes you happy and wishes; nothing unpleasant happens to anybody who works on a request at a specific moment;

this will keep your mind and energy concentrated & the universe will respect your resolve. If you have the key to the universe’s hidden door, why rush to fulfill your one request before moving on to attracting other wishes and miracles?

step 3: Allow love to blossom Now, open the magical box of the 369 technique and knock on the secret door of desires. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, write your desires three times. Keep a tiny notepad by your bed so that you don’t have to look for it in the morning.

You can use any pen as long as you remember to feel when writing, picture your desires becoming a reality, and observe the changes once your wishes are fulfilled. For instance, if you want to be free of tension and happy, write, “I am feeling very happy and very nice.” Thank you very much.

While writing these lines, we will return to the same moments where we will only feel happy. With visualization, you can live the future in your present, so we will visualize in the morning the work that was halted, we were worried about everything being completed, and we will visualize, after completing the task, what kind of changes we are seeing around us may be, the confidence you gain after completing the task.

You’ll be able to feel it with that confidence, how you’re feeling about working on the next task, how your friends and relatives are treating you, and if you’re getting paid after the work, visualize what you’re doing with the money.

Maybe you’ve made a lot of promises that you’ll finish a few things after this work, and then see how after completing those things, you’re making people smile.& most importantly, how happy are you on the inside? Feel all these emotions, ponder about them, then write your wishes three times.

If you have any self-doubt, quickly transform that thinking into a positive thought and dive into a feeling of bliss when you are finished writing it three times.

Keep your notes aside, say thank you to the universe, and return to your daily work with the assurance that you deserve everything. Now it’s the turn of the mystical number 6. Take out the same notepad in the afternoon and jot down your request six times in the same manner you did three times in the morning.

Write down your wishes 6 times just feel the vibes you will get after your wishes are complete & again, carry on with your daily work with a confident outlook that whatever you want, you will get it for sure if you work so hard.

This way, the universe will know about your determination. If you don’t do this process sincerely, how do you expect the universe to do the job? Just do it sincerely and let the universe do the job.

Now that you’ve completed this magical cycle, take out the notebook again and feel the same feeling as before. Write down your wishes nine times so that the magical force of the number nine can assist you in overcoming your pest problems and leading you on a new path where your wishes await you.

Normally, we don’t discuss our dreams by thinking about them because dreams can be illogical. However, if you wake up the power of 9 before going to sleep, you can get signals in your dreams and see a new path to make your wishes come true that you have never thought of before, and that path will lead you to your goal. In this way, you have completed one cycle of the 369 technique and have activated the secret ingredients of 369. You must be feeling good now.

You must perform 45 cycles of this approach in this manner. Move forward with daily commitment, feelings, and positivity by believing in yourself and feeling the fulfillment of wishes [daily you must complete this cycle for 45 days, always keep your notebook well when you get close to completing your current wish or when your wishes are completed according to you. Then, in the same notebook, you began to attract additional wishes.

The only thing you need to do is be sincere and believe in yourself, and focus on achieving your goals, rather than using a computer. When you activate this 369 ritual with your hand, you can feel the words in your subconscious mind, and you can activate your emotions by taking them to a deeper level. These emotional feelings will draw the universe’s matching emotions to you, shortening the time it takes to fulfill your goals.


Step 4: Working on your belief system: According to research, we have around 60000 thoughts per day, and what we achieve in our lives is dependent on how we manage our thoughts. When you follow the 369 ritual at the same time, you must work on your thoughts as we mentioned before.

When you activate this 369 cycle, you will have a lot of thoughts, as well as a lot of dreams with your intelligence. You must work on your thoughts & dreams and move forward with the right interpretation so that you can achieve your goals.

Everything is possible with time the universe works as a system nature’s laws are very simple & accurate by following these, humans have made many inventions explored celestial bodies from a distance, designed space ships with nanosecond accuracy and successfully sent them to space got the desired results & will continue to do so this could only become true when you understood the laws of nature and with faith, used those laws for human benefits never went against them.

Yatha Drishti, the Srishti, as we said at the start. Whatever color you see, the world will become the same; don’t wait to tell the universe what color you see and let the universe fill your life with the same color; just use good thoughts in the morning, afternoon, and night, with complete faith. Rest, we’ll rely on the universe’s magical power to close the gap between your wishes and your reality with our hearts.

Sum Up:

I hope that by using this strategy, all of your wishes that have been put on hold due to various obstacles will be fulfilled, and you will be able to attract your desired wishes.


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